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What is coaching versus mentoring?2022-07-06T15:25:11-04:00

A coach and a mentor both help one to achieve a goal through support and sharing knowledge.

A mentor is more of a role model; therefore mentors provide valuable insight and lessons learned from first hand experience in the field of study. Mentors share their expert knowledge and provide directed advice. A mentorship can become a personal bond and a lifetime relationship of mutual respect.

Coaching is life-tools focused and provides education regarding the mindset needed to obtain any life goal. Coaching helps you to unlock potential by developing an awareness of your beliefs, habits and patterns as well as an understanding of your own obstacles. Coaches help you to learn about yourself while teaching you tools to develop positive change in behavior. While the tools are general and broad in scope, individual coaching is a very personalized form of learning.

What will I actually receive?2022-07-06T15:25:55-04:00
  • Information about the American interview process and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Relaxed and friendly interview practice.
  • Tools to manage the angst in your mind through practicing intentional thought.
  • Mindset and thought-work skills that will last a lifetime.
What is unique about this program?2022-07-06T15:27:05-04:00

I have worked intensely with international students and medical residents and I can provide information on uniquely American cultural differences. You can bring any question about the application process to our sessions.

As a certified coach, I am able to help you identify beliefs and habitual thoughts that may be negatively influencing your progress. Conversely, I will show you how to harness thoughts to your benefit.  You will learn to be secure in what you have to offer as an applicant. The unique benefit of this program is that the knowledge learned will help you throughout your life.

What are alternatives to this program?2022-07-06T15:27:30-04:00

Other, more corporate, companies offer help with obtaining clinical rotations or observerships and offer professional resume and personal statement review.  Further, they provide IMG-directed advice regarding residency programs in the USA. My service is more personal.  My service is individualized in oder to focus on bringing out your strengths. I do not have information or statistics regarding clinical rotations or American residency programs which are suitable or desirable for an IMG.  I will, however, provide guidance on your CV and personal statement if you so desire.

Do I really need this program? Am I able to learn these tools by myself?2022-07-06T15:27:51-04:00

Your brain has been consumed with achieving goals, filling out application forms and gathering as much information as possible.  I will help you to slow down and mentally prepare for the interview season. I will help reduce feelings of panic and uncertainty.

How much time do I need in this program?2022-07-06T15:28:12-04:00

Naturally, it requires about 3 sessions of meeting together and learning the basics to become comfortable and move into exploration on a more individual level.   I would prefer to get to know you before interview season (late September through January) and work with you through a few real interviews, meeting 2-3 times per month. Therefore, I offer June through November packages. However, even one individual session can be very helpful for a particular problem.

What if I find that the sessions are not helping me?2022-07-06T15:28:36-04:00

Hopefully, through a free consultation session, you will be able to determine if we are a good fit. If you are not benefiting from the sessions, feedback is certainly welcome and we can redirect the training or find another solution.

How can I get a feel for this work ahead of signing a contract?2022-07-08T13:54:28-04:00

I offer a free full hour consultation session, and you can find me on Clubhouse (a free, audio only, group meeting app) on Wednesdays 3 pm Eastern time, 9 pm Central European time.

Will you write me a letter of recommendation?2022-07-06T15:29:19-04:00

Although working with a coach is something I think that you should add to your resume — as it attests to your dedication to personal growth — I cannot write a letter regarding medical knowledge or clinical skills. Therefore, a letter of reference from me is not part of your application process.

Will you assist in making contacts in the USA for residency, research or fellowship?2022-07-08T14:12:18-04:00

No, that is not the intent of my service. My service is for individual interview practice, mentoring and coaching.

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It is with pride and pleasure that I feature these testimonials from my clients. It is inspiring to work with motivated and ambitious clients who are willing to be introspective and do the hard work of mental preparation!

Maryam Bahadori

Maryam Bahadori

Getting to know Kristine was one of the luckiest things that happened to my life.

Tufts Medical Center

Muhannad Seyam

Dr. Blackham is an excellent mentor who guided me on a personal and professional level.

The University of Vermont Medical Center

Rebecca John

Rebecca John

I was mentored by Dr. Blackham for about 6 months before the ERAS application for residency.

University of Alabama, Birmingham